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When we opened our doors, we were just dedicated individuals that wanted to transform the digital workspace with advanced development technologies. In the process of making constructive changes in the technology realm, we saw a transformation of our own. Most importantly, after a technological success, we still believe that being good students of a business is the best marketing strategy.

We strive to provide computer services, Web Development, Digital Marketing, Cloud Solutions, and recruitment services at the highest level. Therefore, ITworkxs is one stop-solutions for all your digital workspace solutions. We take pride in our work and maximize our efforts to reach the highest satisfaction level for our clients.


Our Philosphy

Our consultants focus on generating value for our clients by identifying operational inefficiencies and providing solutions through proprietary tools and best practices. Through our process, ITworkxs provides sustainable solutions for optimizing business workflows.



ITworkxs has matured into a full-service software development firm. Our clients come from diverse industry verticals. As a result of our transparency, dedication, and quality solutions, we were recognized as one of the top development firms in Regina.

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Centered Approach.

Our expert software development team starts with a thorough Business Analysis, planning, and preparation meeting to fully understand your business needs. We will create an internal game plan that will deliver what your business needs and walk with you throughout each step of the process.

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Through our transparent process and with continuous inspection and adaption, we value the opportunity to walk together with our clients through their digital transformation. We have been building our business without costly marketing campaigns, debt, or over-promising what we can deliver.

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Anirudh Patel

IT analyst

Anirudh Patel

Anirudh is an IT analyst and an experienced Automation Testing Engineer. He brings five years of valuable experience working in the IT industry. His passion lies in Developing and Testing web applications.
He decided to turn his passion into his living, so along with his partners, he founded ITworkxs with a motto in his mind that "IT should work for everyone."
He is an Xbox FIFA lover, and he also enjoys playing tennis on the court.
Anirudh has earned a Diploma in Human resources and a Bachelor's degree in engineering.
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Mandar Pandya

Project Manager

Mandar Pandya

Mandar is an IT Project Manager. He has more than eight years of versatile experience in the IT industry. Through his vast experience working in the industry, he has developed his passion for providing technical solutions to clients to improve their business performance using the Cloud Technologies Platform. He is always enthusiastic about taking up new challenges in his personal and professional life. He loves roller skating and biking. Mandar has a Bachelor's degree in engineering. He also has done post-graduate study in Project Management. He is determined to develop ITWorkxs into a world-class IT services provider company.
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Ramandeep Formay

Senior Quality Analyst

Ramandeep Formay

Ramandeep Formay is a Senior Quality Analyst. He has more than five years of work experience in the telecom industry. In addition to that, he likes to create websites and manage IT projects. He likes Cricket and Playing games on PS5. He has Post Graduation Diploma in Wireless Telecommunications and Business Administration and he is having a bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering.
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Jenil Desai

Digital Marketing Strategist

Jenil Desai

Jenil is a Certified Digital Marketer. He has done multiple projects, helping clients build their business profiles on digital platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He has in-depth knowledge of SEO which has benefited his clients in achieving their marketing goals quicker. Being the youngest member of the team, Jenil brings a lot of fun and enthusiasm to the team. He is a passionate gamer. He has a Diploma in Computer Science field.

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